The Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board (BAMB) was established by an Act of Parliament, No. 2 of 1974 mandated to provide a market for locally grown scheduled crops such as cereals, pulses/beans and oilseeds, and ensure that adequate supplies exist for sale to customers at affordable prices.

Powers of BAMB - conferred by the Act

  • Purchase or obtain supplies from any source
  • Set prices for purchase or sale of produce
  • Import or export any scheduled produce
  • Arrange for transport, storage, processing and sale of scheduled produce
  • Enter into any transaction which, in the Board’s opinion, will facilitate proper discharge of its functions.

The Act also requires BAMB

  • To cover its operating costs from revenue generated from its trading activities
  • Establish a Stabilization Fund through a Parliamentary appropriation – primarily to stabilize prices.


Currently BAMB operates fourteen (14) branches and twenty three (23) sales offices countrywide where it buys,stores and sells produce and inputs. BAMB has storage capacity in excess of 100 000 metric, 85,000mt of which is of silo space at Pitsane, Francistown and Pandamatenga and the rest is made of warehouses.


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Price Files

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