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BAMB will participate at the first Ministry of Agriculture Parastatals Open day on the 21st April 2016 in Kanye, Tomela Grounds. The event starts at 0800Hrs. The theme for the event is “Farming the business; Meet your partners”.The other...

The Livestock Advisory Centres (LAC) previously housed at the Ministry of Agriculture under the Department of Veterinary Services sold livestock inputs such as animal drugs, medicines, dips, vaccines, livestock husbandry equipment and livestock...

Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board would like to inform its valued customers the Hukuntsi Branch contacts.

Telephone:+267 6510343Fax:+267  6510358.

In what has been dubbed a remarkable journey aimed at re-positioning, Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board unveiled its strategic brand- the first landmark project since being established 40 years ago. The auspicious occasion represented a dawn...


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Insects are often responsible for severe losses of the nutritive value in food grains. As a...


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