Tips on how to best preserve Grain

Food grains are generally stored for some time prior to consumption. The nutritional potential of harvested produce should be fully utilized and it is therefore imperative that proper care is taken during storage for better preservation of quality as we preserve for prosperity.
During storage, losses occur due to various factors. A few dos and don’ts are given for guidance during storage (but not limited to):

  • Check warehouses against leakage of rain water and defective drainage.
  • No spilled grain or dust to be kept dumped here or there in warehouses.
  • Proper stacking and adequate alleyways are the pre – requisites of scientific storage.
  • Day to day aeration be given on sunny days to keep the warehouses cool and dry.
  • Warehouse cleaning be done at the beginning or end of each day.
  • First in first out rule be observed.

As indicated above, during storage losses occur due to different factors and I would therefore focus mainly on two (2) factors viz: Insects and moisture content

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