What is the role of BAMB in increasing local production?

BAMB is well established with storage capacity of over 100,000 metric tons (Mt) in three silo facilities and warehouses. With our network of fairly spread out 11 branches, BAMB ensures that produce is taken from areas of production to the consumer/market. For instance, sorghum is mostly produced in Pandamatenga while a large portion of its market is in the Southern part of the country. b. BAMB sells inputs such as fertilizer, high yielding seeds, agro chemicals and packaging materials to farmers. c. In order to increase stocks procured locally, BAMB has introduced contract farming. This contract assures BAMB of the product and assures the farmer of the price. It helps the farmer to plan ahead for the crops to plant, costs they are likely to incur and most importantly it helps them project whether they will make profit or not basing on the yields expected and the price offered.

Price Files

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It is essential that the moisture content of food grains be known when they are accepted for...


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