Veterinary Services

BAMB provides advisory role to the livestock farming community throughout all the business centres and also sells veterinary requisites. BAMB sells a broad range of vaccines, dips, dewormers, antibiotics, veterinary instruments, antibiotics, mineral and vitamin supplements for livestock and poultry. All business centres have trained and qualified Sales Agents to offer appropriate advice to the livestock farming community.

Vaccines: provide vaccines for livestock and poultry.

Acaricides/Dips: sale of dips for cattle and small stock including pour-ons and water soluble dips.

Anthelmintics/Dewormers: sale of oral and injectable forms of dewormers for livestock.

Instruments: for better animal husbandry practises, BAMB stocks and sells burdizzos, syringes and needles, dehorning irons etc.

Antibiotics and supplements: sale of over the counter drugs/medications and also sells mineral and vitamin supplements for better animal health and production.


Price Files

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