Farmers sometimes claim that BAMB buys their produce at low prices and then sell it at exorbitant prices?

That is not true. BAMB buys bulk stocks which it normally sells at a later stage which could be a year or two after procurement. We deal with perishables; therefore we sell in a first in- first out basis. And there are times when during harvest season when farmers are bringing a new crop, BAMB would be selling the old crop that it had procured at higher prices than the prevailing market prices in the new season. E.g. BAMB bought sorghum at P85.00-P90.00/50kg last harvest season and the current buying price is P67.50/50kg. And the crop that is being sold to food processors is the one that was procured last season. And obviously we cannot sell this particular crop at P85.00 or P90.00; we add mark up to cover our transport, handling, insurance and other costs.

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Insects are often responsible for severe losses of the nutritive value in food grains. As a...


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