Expression Of Interest Invitation For Supplier Registration


Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board intends to create a Supplier Database for supply of goods and services for a period of one year. The registration will be for the following:

1. Advertising Agency Services (Advertising, Branding and Marketing)
2. Media Services
3. Postal and courier services
4. Printing Houses, Designing and Printing
5. Photography/Video Production
6. Events Management, Stage set up
7. Corporate Clothing/Promotional Materials
8. Stationary
9. Engineering and Architectural Consultancy Services
10. Office Furniture, Window blinds
11. Jack pallets, Trolleys
12. Household and Personal effects Removals
13. Motor vehicle rental
14. Office Consumables/Refreshments
15. Office Equipment maintenance
16. Computers, Printers and Accessories
17. Computer Repairs/Maintenance
18. Systems Development Services and maintenance services
19. Server Management and maintenance Services
20. Data centre maintenance & hosting facilities
21. Network Management and maintenance Services
22. ICT Security Management and maintenance Service
23. Internet Services
24. ICT Consultancy Services
25. Protective Clothing
26. Conferencing/Workshop Services
27. Catering
28. Legal Services
29. Debt Collection
30. Sanitation and Refuse disposal Services
31. Auctioneering Services
32. Grain Grading Equipment
33. Electrical Appliances
34. Vehicle spares / tyres
35. Truck repairs

36. Hotel Services/Hotel, Motel, Lodge and Guest Houses and Self-Catering Apartments

37. Pesticides
38. Silo Pest Control Services
39. Medical Services (Employee General Medical Examinations)
40. Manufacturing and Repair of tarpaulins
41. Manufacturing and Repair of pallets
42. Manufacturing of packaging materials
43. Facility/Equipment maintenance works (Plumbing, Electricals, Construction and carpentry)
44. Fire Products and Services
45. Quality Management System training/audit
46. Customs Clearing, forwarding and shipping
47. Property Valuation


Consideration for registration will be based on submission of the following:

1. Cover Letter detailing the type of service/products the company is applying for.
2. Company Profile with company address, contacts and bank details.
3. Certified copy of trading Licence
4. Brief CV’s of key staff.
5. Certified copy (ies)of Certificate of incorporation
6. Certified copy (ies) of share certificate as well as the identity documents of shareholders.
7. Certified Copies of Directors identity documents
8. Tax Clearance Certificate
9. Relevant PPADB Codes and Sub-codes
10. Certified copies of Certification/Registration/Licensing for specialised products/services (Where applicable)
11. A minimum of two related references or reference sites (For macro procurement).
12. Contact details of key staff
13. Certified copies of Practicing Certificate of Firm and Admission certificates of key personnel (where applicable)
14. Valid Indemnity Covers (for professional services)
15. Certified copies of EDD certificates (where applicable)


1. Citizen owned companies will be given priority

NOTE: companies who have been supplying the Board with products and services are also to register as there are not exempt from this process. Failure to register shall exclude existing and unregistered companies from the invitation to quote as and when the Board requires the services, goods and works above.

Binded documents must be submitted in an envelope marked with the relevant category at

• BAMB Gaborone Branch, Plot 14395, Next to Cashbuild, Old Lobatse Rd, Gaborone West Industrial Site, Gaborone.
• BAMB Head Office, Gaborone International Finance Park, Plot 130, Unit 3 & 4, Gaborone

Each submission will be registered as proof of delivery.

16th August 2019 at 1645hrs.

For further enquiries contact:
Lebogang Sekolo / Olorato Seforo at 3922826.

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