Dawn of a new era as BAMB unveils a new logo

In what has been dubbed a remarkable journey aimed at re-positioning, Botswana Agricultural Marketing Board unveiled its strategic brand- the first landmark project since being established 40 years ago. The auspicious occasion represented a dawn of a new era for the marketing board and its commitment to working in partnership with the agricultural sector.

Mr Losika “Luzboy” Seboni was the Master of Ceremony, the historic event was graced by notable guests including Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development, Honourable Keletso Rakhudu as the guest speaker.

“In my remarks I would like to speak briefly about the journey that has brought us to this point- about what our mandate and the new logo mean to us,” said BAMB Board Chairperson, David Tibe.

Mr David Tibe said the occasion marked the start of a new era for the organization. “It is both the time for us to change and yet time to stay the same. What stays the same is our commitment to ensuring that we provide a market for locally grown scheduled crops and that adequate supplies exist for sale to customers at affordable prices. What does not change too is our passion for food security in this country. What will also not change is our focus on working with farmers and agriculture industry partners; and our support and contribution to the growth of the industry.”

He said what changes is their logo, to acknowledge that they have outgrown the initial expectations. Tibe said, while providing a market for locally grown scheduled crops remain the heart and soul of what they do as BAMB, they are irrefutably doing more as they continue to listen and strive to meet the changing demands of their shareholders, farmers, customers and industry partners.

The Guest Speaker, Assistant Minister of Education Honourable Keletso Rakhudu, said while BAMB is strategically working towards a new professionalism, it is also able to demonstrate that competence with continuous review and improvement of its processes. He said it is a process that helps deliver not only a better business but also helps inspire the confidence of stakeholders, customers, society, employees, and all those that they would like to come and join them to work in the industry and those who yearn to grow the market and deliver a better bottom line.

“BAMB just celebrated its 40th anniversary of “Feeding the nation” having been established on the 14th June 1974, what a more fitting way to mark a milestone at BAMB than re-brand as a relevant player and evolving in their respective field of practice. With our market ever evolving as has been the case in recent years, the change was made due to a number of robust and aggressive competitors and use of monolithic brand strategy from the assessment made,” said Rakhudu. He added, the new brand signature will communicate growth and hope and show that they are set to catapult to new heights.

BAMB Acting Chief Executive Officer Elvis Ncaagae said they saw it necessary that as part of their strategy that they assert themselves as an organization that will continue to lead, to empower and grow the grain market.

He said, “In our strategic plan for 2014 – 2019, this new brand presents an insight to our commitment of promise that we at BAMB hold dear to our spirits that we will ensure that we provide a stable grain market that is equitable and fair, in support of national food security.”

The Marketing and Communications Manager, Lorato Kwelagobe could not hide her excitement over the rebranding exercise and the organization’s achievement. “A brand is an identity, it is our corporate life and blood, hence the re-development of any brand will always be an emotional exercise,” she said..

A newly improved website for the organization was also revealed at the occasion. The website is expected to be more interactive and more informative.

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